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Rogoredo station area of intechange

Rogoredo station  area of intechange

Public Works or of Public Utility or Interest

Corporate Body Buyer:


Object of the charge:

Project for the area of interchange of the Stop Station “St. Donato / Rogoredo.” Parking Areas for 2200 cars – Bus Station – Offices – Commercial Center – Banks

Directly charged:

In the year 1991

Amount of the works:

Around 1.500.000,00 of Liras

Professional role:

Titular planner together with arch. P. De AMICIS, arch. M. BASSO, arch. L. GUFFANTI other colleagues

Type of charge:

Integral architectural planning, (preliminary + artistic + executive)


The project has been object of a series of variations during the years

rogoredo_2 rogoredo_3 rogoredo_4 rogoredo_5 rogoredo_6 rogoredo_7 rogoredo_8